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Title: Meth Flatlines Life
Artist(s): Helena Girl Scouts Troop 3846
DIVISION: Teen - Southwest Montana
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Affiliation: Helena Girl Scouts Troop 3846

Team Leader: Katie Goodhart

Artist(s): Joelle Tooke and Sophie Clark

Description / Inspiration: My mural was inspired by all of the horrific stories that I have hear about the effects of methamphetamine on close family and friends. The mural is made of weather resistant silicon house paint and propped up on to post 4 feet in the ground 5 feet apart. My artwork consist of the state flower, the bitterroot, a heart monitor and hand painted skull. Along with a self made tagline “Meth flatlined life.

County: Lewis & Clark

Location: East side of the trap club property by highway 15 View on map

Thank Yous: Town and Country Foods for letting us set up our art in the parking lot. Shay Kidd for helping us install the art.