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Title: Methowlark
Artist(s): Kimberly Spence
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Kimberly Spence

Description / Inspiration: My mural shows the Montana state bird, the Western Meadowlark trying meth (a caterpillar) for the first time and ending up dead in a pair of grieving hands. The word, ‘meth’ is made up of crawling insects, a feeling often induced by meth abuse.

I used acrylic paint sealed with polyurethane on plywood to create the mural.

As a mother and avian Taxidermist I was inspired by the natural world and the child like wonder we all have inside us. With some curiosities better left unknown, I want to educate our community about the dangers of trying meth even one time. It’s our responsibility to protect our children from the horrors of drug abuse. The mural took me months of work to complete. I carved time here and there with my daughters watching the process. My toddler helped me wash brushes and encouraged me with many “wow good job mom”s while my one year old made little foot prints from wet paint dropped on the porch. Even when the metal roof I was working under dripped condensation onto the mural damaging all of my hard work, my toddler was then one who told me not to give up. This mural was truly a team effort.

Also - We Montanans love nature and the Western Meadowlark was designated the official state bird of Montana in 1931; chosen overwhelmingly by Montana's school children. What better poster bird could we choose to deliver the message?

So let’s make this world worthy of its children. Don’t let yourself become a Methowlark. Not even once.

County: Missoula

Location: On the North side of Montana Highway 200, and intersection of Montana Highway 210 View on map

Thank Yous: Patrick, Home Depot of Missoula
Mike, Home Resource
Manne, Ace Hardware of Missoula
Mike, Bonner Property Development, LLC