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Title: Winnett
Artist(s): Kenzie Smith
DIVISION: Teen - Central Montana
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Affiliation: Winnett High School

Team Leader: Casey O'Malley

Artist(s): Kenzie Smith

Description / Inspiration: The piece was inspired by a math project at school. Cacti represent resilience and self-protection. The boots, brands and hats are part of ranch and rural life culture. We are careful protecting our lands, city and people. We have seen what happens to other communities when meth use is abundant. Several people in the community helped with this project. Our school is the heartbeat of the town and inspiration from a different class reflects that our community is all in it together. An alumni helped us print the banner. The location of the banner is in the Odd Fellows Hall. One quick search about the project tells you all you need to know about the people of Winnett. Everyone pitches in. It also takes guts to show art in the busiest part of town. Everyone will want to know who the artist is and that can make anyone, much less a teenager, feel nervous and vulnerable.

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"Petroleum County is one of the most deeply rural places in America. It spans an area of 1,655 square miles but is home to just 494 people. Winnett is the county seat and lone town in the county and has a population of 188. We are the least populous county in Montana. And the seventh least populous county in the United States. Yet, our county persists. It persists because it serves a vital role in the functioning of America. Ranchers here produce high quality food for the world, while also managing a considerable portion of the last remaining intact, native prairie in North America."

County: Petroleum

Location: Odd Fellows Hall, West Main Street, Winnett View on map

Thank Yous: Winnett Aces, Chelsea McKenna Design, Ben Arndt