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Title: Our Ancestors Watch Over Us
Artist(s): Adam Still Smoking
DIVISION: Teen - Glacier Country
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Artist(s): Adam Still Smoking

Description / Inspiration: The mural depicts a man on a horse looking in the distance watching over the area of the Blackfeet nation with the areas Chief mountain and Browning in the distance with the words ''Our Ancestors Watch Over Us''. The main message of the mural is that our ancestors watch over us and that we should think about what they did for us and what they sacrificed for us to be here today. I tried to create a piece of work that not just incorporated a anti-meth message but to represent the Blackfeet nation as a whole. I would have been able to incorporate more that would represent the area a little more but due to some circumstances I had a lack of time to do so. The materials that were used were exterior acrylic, spray paint, and markers were all used to create the mural.

County: Glacier

Location: On the Old bingo hall, on the south wall, on Piegan street downtown Browning Mt, across from the Lube and Tube View on map

Thank Yous: Browning community for donating food and water.