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Title: You are the Light
Artist(s): Louis Still Smoking
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Louis Still Smoking

Description / Inspiration: The mural is a depiction of the youth in their regalia. I wanted to show the youth and the connection to the land and culture. The mountain is "Chief Mountain" a symbol of pride amongst the Blackfeet people. It to has cultural significance to the Blackfeet as it is a place of worship and a great source for medicines and food. Just below is a graphic that represents Ancestors that are watching over the people. The sun and stars a present with the words "Meth Not Even Once".

The mural was painted with exterior acrylic, spray paint, acrylic, paint markers.

My inspiration for the mural, is that people will look at the mural and feel a sense of pride and positivity. The goal is to bring positive visual reinforcement through the mural. Community engagement is vital to any mural and the viewers engagement with it should be a positive one. I hope to bring awareness to people in the community that we can live drug free and we can encourage the next generation to be drug free.

County: Glacier

Location: The old bingo hall on Piegan street in downtown Browning MT, across from the lube and tube. View on map

Thank Yous: Blackfeet tribe for the use of the building and helping with supplies. The browning community for donating food and water.