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Title: Candy Cane
Artist(s): Breanna Hall
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Breanna Hall

Description / Inspiration: This is a mixed media piece done in my messy graphic style with acrylics, latex, spray paint and oils. This actually was not my original design, however, the original design was turning a lot of people off as they found it triggering and made them uncomfortable. So I took inspiration from my colorful Montana landscapes I paint as an artist. The song the Oompa Loompas sing about being addicted to eating took root in my head when thinking of a new design and I actually rewrote that song with lyrics inspired by meth addiction. I didn't include the whole song but, it's what inspired me to come up with the Wonka theme in my colorful style.

County: Silver Bow

Location: Stand alone sign in a lot owned by Big Sky Property on the corner of Excelsior and Platinum View on map

Thank Yous: I want to thank Big Sky Property for allowing me to place my artwork there. My original business dropped out the week before these were due and I didn't think I'd have a spot. Big Sky checked with all their properties and found this spot for me on June 23rd so it was very close to not happening if it wasn't for them.