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Title: Is Blood Thicker Than Water
Artist(s): Amira Gonzales
DIVISION: Teen - Southwest Montana
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Affiliation: East Middle School Butte

Artist(s): Amira Gonzales

Description / Inspiration: I used two 4ft by 8ft and two 2ft by 4ft plywood boards. Ten 32 fl oz if exterior paint in the colors listed- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black. 4 spray paint cans- hot pink, sly blue, red and black. 47 different paintbrushes, 3 ladders, 1 table, and 1 flood light.

My meaning is a mother that shows before and after being addicted to meth, with one hit away from death. The pills in the sand is a message that any drug can lead you closer to your last breath. The bitterroot’s represent the beauty of montana and life itself. The little boy is the son of a mother he once knew and now see’s her as a monster. In the canvas shown he says as a thought, “Mommy? I thought monsters were only under my bed…” Which you know he is in fear, losing his provider, mother, family, and most of all his bestfriend who risked her life for a high. Inspired: Through kids I know personally who’s life is spiraled due to their family member having an addiction.

County: Silver Bow

Location: 130 E Park St, Butte, MT 59701 View on map

Thank Yous: Supporters: My dad Benèt, My mom Andi, Brother Gaige, My Nana, My boyfriend colton, my bestfriend Finley, Lacy, My neighbors Tod, Julie, their nephew Brycen, my aunts Heather and Kelly, and ect.