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Title: Empty Lodges
Artist(s): Mariah Gladstone
DIVISION: Teen - Glacier Country
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Artist(s): Ariel McFadyean, Mariah Gladstone

Description / Inspiration: We wanted to create something that highlighted the danger of meth and fentanyl to our community. When we think about the number of deaths on the Blackfeet Nation that have occurred due to meth and fentanyl overdoses in the last year alone, we think of the empty homes no longer filled with laughter and family. This reminded us of the graphic and haunting images of empty tipi villages after the smallpox epidemics. In many ways, meth and fentanyl are the new smallpox that is sweeping our tribe and we are left with the physical reminders of lost souls. We also painted the skyline from the exact spot of the mural, including the silhouettes of Yellow Mountain and Chief Mountain. While the mountains ground us in their timelessness, the bright colors in the west indicate the sunset which can also be a metaphor for "the end," a subtle way of recognizing that meth and fentanyl are a sundown on life.

County: Glacier

Location: Barn on the north side of Montana Hwy 464, View on map

Thank Yous: Christina Flammand at C&C Meat Processing