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Title: Destruction
Artist(s): Emily Milligan and Katelynn Bakke
DIVISION: Teen - Yellowstone Country
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Affiliation: Reed Point High School

Team Leader: Jessica Haldenwanger

Artist(s): Emily Milligan and Katelynn Bakke

Description / Inspiration: We chose to create this artwork with high schoolers in mind. We thought about how meth can get anyone. We wanted to create a powerful image, that might resonate with teens, hopefully showing them that meth can destroy everything in its path. The art work is of a high school football player, in the outlined state of Montana, who in one hand has a syringe and everything he touches is turning black. This symbolizes how meth can destroy everything. The harsh chemicals not only destroy human life, but nature and wildlife too, which is depicted by the deer. We used acrylic paint on canvas.

County: Stillwater

Location: Front (east) side of the depot building on division street, just off of the frontage road. Directly across the street from the waterhole saloon and behind the firehouse. View on map

Thank Yous: Reed point community club.