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Title: Try it and You’ll Be Hooked
Artist(s): Emma Heimann
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Affiliation: Jefferson County

Artist(s): Emma Heimann

Description / Inspiration: My artwork depicts a trout underwater swimming towards a deadly fly. The trout represents life, in all it’s beauty and the fly represents how meth can lure people out of that beauty and into a world of death. I used color to help me get these feelings across- vibrant colors surround the fish and darker colors on the right surround the fly. I used various materials for this painting including watercolor, acrylic paint, and acrylic paint pens.

My husband and I enjoy fishing together and I am always amazed by the intricate beauty of the fish we catch. I thought a colorful trout would be a great representation of life. I wanted the fly to look menacing but also bright and attractive so I chose to put a skull as the head of the fly and flashy colors surrounding it. I believe that like fish being fooled by a lure, people can be tempted by meth with false promises and it ultimately leads to destruction and death.

County: Jefferson

Location: Billboard on Highway 69, 15 miles south of Boulder View on map

Thank Yous: I would like to thank
My husband for his support and encouragement
Mike and Jeri Heimann for their encouragement
The Carey family for allowing me to use the billboard on their ranch
The Jefferson County DUI Task Force for being gracious enough to let me use one side of their billboard
Dawn Smartnick for taking beautiful photos of my work