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Artist(s): Josie Brown
DIVISION: Teen - Missouri River Country
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Affiliation: Saco High School

Artist(s): Josie Brown

Description / Inspiration: My artwork depicts ""before"" drug use on the upper, left side: the blue skies and green vegetation represent the possibilities and bright future of a life without drugs. The bottom, right half represents what happens when one chooses drugs: the user's future is filled with darkness rather than hope and her body wastes away to a skeleton. I used plywood and paint from our local hardware store because buying local was important to me. The paint is for outdoor use, so it will last through the unpredictable weather of the Hi-Line.

I was inspired to create this art piece because speaking up against drugs has always been important to me. I've seen many people I've grown up with give into a lifestyle of drugs, and it's honestly been heartbreaking to watch a life fall apart in front of me. With this portrayal of the side effects of meth and how it can both figuratively and literally end a user's life, I hope to discourage the upcoming generations from giving into the peer pressure of drug culture.

County: Phillips

Location: It's located on the side of an old bar in Saco, Montana, on the north side of Highway 2. View on map

Thank Yous: I would like to thank Aaron Albus for allowing us to install the artwork on the side of his building, Dwight Freeman for allowing his shop class to create the actual sign that the artwork is on, and Shawn Downing for installing the sign.