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Title: Freedom in Montana
Artist(s): Fromberg High School Artists
DIVISION: Teen - Yellowstone Country
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Affiliation: Fromberg High School

Team Leader: Lindi O'Brien

Artist(s): Terje Bicker, Vanessa Hidalgo, Tatum Strong and Nathan Shaw

Description / Inspiration: Student artist,Terje Bicker, made this draft to depict the desolate life that accompanies meth use and how it imprisons a user. Showing a bleak dark prison cell with the only light eminating from the small window. The other side shows the expansive freedom Montanans enjoy living under the Big Sky, outside those walls. Terje drafted the image to blend with the natural prairie suroundings, adding the distinct Beartooth Mountain peaks Pilot & Index . The advanced art class, Vanessa Hidalgo, Nathan Shaw, and Tatum Strong, lead by Lindi O'Brien, included the iconic blue Montana Rail Link engine to honor their contributions to this project.

County: Carbon

Location: Mile marker 34 on Highway 310 outside Fromberg on the Yedlicka Farm near the airplane hanger. View on map

Thank Yous: Special appreciation to our local busines for supporting the Montana Meth Project, Bridger Car Quest and Kapor Lumber provided materials for this project. Ron Euerle and Terje Bicker installed the billboard. Special thanks to Joe and Lisa Yedlicka for allowing the art students access to their property and hosting the Meth Project billboard.