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Title: Meth NOT EVEN ONCE in High School
Artist(s): Adara Partridge and Sabrina Braden
DIVISION: Teen - Southwest Montana
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Affiliation: Helena High School

Team Leader: Cindy Galbavy

Artist(s): Adara Partridge and Sabrina Braden

Description / Inspiration: Our art piece depicts what will happen to a high school student that tries Meth once. You can see them as a happy student and then they did meth and ended up in jail. It destroys you, your family and friends. One try can destroy your life. We used plywood and paint in several colors and a lot of time to create our project. Our teacher said she wanted a group of students to create piece for this contest and she had us look at pictures of Meth users on the computer and it showed how they started out in the court system and then as the Meth destroyed their life with multiple mug shots and how their physical looks had changed. It is so sad to see what it does to people. See what they have lost by using the drug. So that is what inspired us to create this art piece. We also like anime so that is how we created our character.

County: Lewis & Clark

Location: Our art work is displayed in the Helena High School Parking lot on the back of the shed at the Welding shop. You can see it from Montana Ave in Helena and it is just north of the Main building. The coordinates are for HHS main building. View on map

Thank Yous: Helena High School and Helena Public School Maintenance Department.