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Title: Meth is NO Wonderland
Artist(s): Maeve Bryan
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Artist(s): Maeve Bryan

Description / Inspiration: My artwork is showcasing Alice and the Cheshire Cat discussing how the choices we make will affect where we will end up in life. If you choose Meth it leads you in the “wrong way” and away from a chance at Happiness. I choose this scene so that it captures the eye of all generations to open the conversation of what Meth is and what it can do to you and your future. I created it with plywood, cut out characters with a jigsaw to give more dimension. As a 13 year old I did the entire project myself (other than the cutting and hanging).

County: Custer

Location: 4.5 miles south of Miles City on Montana Highway 59 View on map

Thank Yous: Thank you to my Grandma for supporting my art work, Becky Chezum for using her land to put my sign up, and my dad and his friends for helping hang it up!