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Title: Holding Back the Meth Monster
Artist(s): Roundup High School Artists
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Affiliation: Roundup H S

Team Leader: Peggy Unterseher

Artist(s): Ciannon Crittenden, Trent Hamilton, Ayden Mozqueda, Caitlin Barber and Skyler Hamilton

Description / Inspiration: The students wanted to show that they are committed to staying drug free by holding back the meth temptation, and not trying meth, not even once. The large mural was painted with exterior house paint on the brick wall of our operating carwash. The idea was decided upon by the entire group, but the design was first created electronically by team member Ciannon Crittenden. The team wanted the mural to be very bold, hard edged, and graphic. It was a tedious process because the wall faces south, and even in cooler weather, it would become hot and the paint would not cooperate.

County: Musselshell

Location: On the south wall of our carwash is located on the east side of Main View on map

Thank Yous: Intervention Specialist Angie Mozqueda, building owner Rob Gustafson, and Eric Eliasson for providing the scaffolding.