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Title: Meth Shatters Families
Artist(s): Starr Larsen
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Affiliation: Dawson High School

Artist(s): Starr Larsen

Description / Inspiration: I was removed from my mom when I was 5 because of her meth addiction and went into foster care. Even though I was older than the child in my piece, the art tells my story of a shattered family. My mom loved me but meth kept her from keeping me safe. The police officer is taking the crying toddler from her mother. The background is painted triangles to depict shattered glass. The mother has chains around her neck and hands keeping her a prisoner to her meth addiction. It is keeping her from getting her child. My piece is wood and a mix of acrylic and spray paint.

County: Dawson

Location: 23 Highway 16 in Dawson County (Glendive, MT) outside Fantastic Finds/Neighbors Helping Neighbors It is just outside the city limits but there are numerous businesses in this area and it is very well traveled View on map

Thank Yous: Tina Carter for volunteering to display my sign. My parents for teaching me what a family is when they adopted me.