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Title: Choose Wisely While Playing Your Game Of Life …Or Be Doomed To A Life Of Certain Tragedy.
Artist(s): Jaye Dee Han
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Jaye Dee Han

Description / Inspiration: I used my iPhone to take photographs of some members of my family. I had the photos made into signs on what they call Nudo Board. It is very durable and sturdy. I wanted to depict how devastating it is for a family to go from being a carefree cohesive family unit to a sad broken one due to a family member’s choice to become a meth/drug user.

The first panel shows a young healthy happy (my daughter’s) family playing the board game, “ The Game Of Life.” The caption reads: “Choose Wisely While Playing Your Game Of Life.” The teenage boy that is playing the game in this picture actually comes from a family of meth users. He and his 5 siblings were placed in a foster care situation due to both parents going to rehab and jail for meth use about 3 years ago. The Wichman family, (Zach’s parents) from Winifred stepped up and took in all 6 of them. They lovingly call them, “their 6 pack.” The second panel shows two of the registered logos for the meth message…Meth Not Even Once. Between the two signs is the word… OR.

The third panel is of the mother and father from the first panel crying and being devastated by their oldest son having choosen meth as a life style. It shows him with scabs and no teeth shooting up. The Ouija Board game and the macabre scene he hovers over depicts the devastation a life can take when choosing the wrong path. The caption on this one reads…Be DoomedTo A Future Of Certain Tragedy.

County: Hill

Location: The piece is located on the west side main-street Rudyard. It is an old dilapidated white building with peeling paint. It connects to the red brick old Bank Bar building

Thank Yous: Yes! The entire Zach Wichman family, Dad-Zach, Mom-Jourdon, their sons Brun, Bryar and Brix plus their baby daughter, Birdie. In addition, Zach’s sister Shantyl Wichman and Zach’s foster brother Drake McIntosh. All appear in the first panel of the project. Thanks to grandson, Brun for stepping up to be the actor in the 3rd macabre Ouija panel. A big thank you to my sponsors, Craig and Ellen Langel owners CLC Restaurants LLC. Based in Missoula. Also a thank you to Mid State Signs of Winifred for the terrific signs they made and to Baylee Hauge for her help getting the signs designed. Thank you to Donald Smith and Aaron Popour of Rudyard for hanging the signs and to Dusty Kline for allowing the signage to be placed on his building.