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Title: Blossoming Hope
Artist(s): Kaitlyn Landwehr
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Artist(s): Kaitlyn Landwehr

Description / Inspiration: The art project, titled "Blossoming Hope," is an expression of inspiration and resilience in the face of methamphetamine addiction. The artwork portrays a contrast between darkness and light, symbolizing the journey from addiction to recovery. That even in the darkness there is light, life and hope.

Materials Used:
To create this art piece I used Acrylic paint, gold flakes and paint markers. The base of the artwork was painted on 4 large stretch canvas using acrylic paints, capturing the organic textures and vibrant colors of the natural world. In addition, I added gold flakes throughout the piece as well as on the borders.

County: Yellowstone

Location: Window at Confetti Heart Studio, in downtown Billings, 2821 2nd Ave n

Thank Yous: Owner, Beth Zitur, of Confetti Heart Studio, for allowing me to hang my art in her studio.