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Title: Final Minutes
Artist(s): Thadious Bahny-Huffman
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Team Leader: Sarah Bahny-Huffman

Artist(s): Thadious Bahny-Huffman

Description / Inspiration: The Montana state dinosaur’s final minutes before the meteor hits earth is just like a persons final minutes when they do meth.

The materials used for this project was a mixture of exterior paints as well as acrylic paints and spray paint for final details. Plywood was used as the base for the project and two by fours to stabilize it.

County: Sheridan

Location: The Sheridan County Museum, Montana Highway 16 View on map

Thank Yous: Plentywood Museum
Brian Bahny-Huffman
Thadious Bahny-Huffman
Michael Bahny-Huffman
Jessica Bahny-Huffman
Lettie Coons