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Title: Perception of Time
Artist(s): Carol Chandler
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Carol Chandler

Description / Inspiration: Inspired by Salvadore Dali's melting clocks ""Persistence of Memory"" and the Huang study that methamphetamine alters the users' perception of time. Mural/sculpture is a plea to STOP and realize that Meth is waste of TIME, taking for granted (children, families, friends, careers, money, belongings, community, resources of) of our ONE God-given life and to encourage prevention & community support of overdose & recovery awareness.

Mural/sculpture is masking & stenciling of Acrylic and Spray Paint on canvas. Melted plastic clocks hanging from wooden frame. Purple flags in flower pot for passerbyers at most visible intersection.

As I painted, i thought about my husband's 10-year meth addiction, the horror stories told, and the years fighting to find proper detox in rural NE Montana. I came into his life the last year of use, helping battle the peer & social media pressure in an everybody-knows-everybody county that thrives on loyalty & complacency and a stigma of treating addicts like a lost cause and their caretakers as ""narcs"" for demanding boundaries. Doctor-supervised treatment & therapy brought him out of the fog & truly saved his life. Today, he is 2 years MethFree and we are happily raising our 7mo daughter. We have Forgiven the Meth, but we won't Forget, Not Even Once.

County: Sheridan

Location: North side of storage bldg facing W Railroad Ave & S Jefferson Street in Plentywood View on map

Thank Yous: God, Jesus, parents, families, and our daughter for all this is for