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Title: Protect Our Generations to Come
Artist(s): Browning High School Artists
DIVISION: Teen - Glacier Country
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Affiliation: Browning High School

Team Leader: Radium Woolf

Artist(s): Kiera BigHorn, Vita Demontiney and Skyla Olivas

Description / Inspiration: Collaborating from a previous team members design, the students created their art to show how meth and drug use affects more than just the person using, it also affects the children. Children are always watching, so the message, "Protect Our Generations to Come," is saying stop using now so our children and future generations can be successful. There is a woman in red representing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and she's holding a baby and next to her is a little boy in an orange shirt with "Not Even Once," and the orange shirt represents all of the unmarked graves from the various boarding schools found these last few years. In the background are spirits that represent the souls of the people lost to meth and they are holding hands to try to get the people to follow them to the light, based off of a movie the gals watch. However, the strength and resilience the woman and children possess, keep the meth spirits away. The students also incorporated buffalo (iinii in Blackfeet), and made them skeletons because iinii are important life lines to our Blackfeet people. Everything was completed in exterior and acrylic paint.

County: Glacier

Location: individual building between the first two stoplights in Browning, MT, 116 W Central Ave View on map

Thank Yous: Thank you to the girls' families for all of their support.