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Title: Brain Death
Artist(s): Luke Smith
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Luke Smith

Description / Inspiration: I created this design when I was reading about neurology, a couple years ago. I recreated it on the wall figuring it makes a good metaphor for what meth and fentanyl do to the brain. I noticed that the human brain is a similar shape to someone in the fetal position. The figure resembles a brain falling out a skull. The lettering is like fried nerves. I like to make lines that lead the eye around the piece. to visually descriptive words. The alleyway is only 20 feet wide so it's in your face larger than life. You can't back up from it. I used spray paint and house paint on an alley wall, after sketching it out lightly with charcoal.

County: Lake

Location: The aley wall on the Silver leaf shop behind gambles in St Ignatius View on map

Thank Yous: Virginia Morigau of skc and Davin at Silverleaf