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Title: Use Meth, You'll Miss the Beauty of Butte
Artist(s): Silver Bow Boy Scout Troop 1615
DIVISION: Teen - Southwest Montana
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Team Leader: Scoutmaster Tina King

Artist(s): Michael Stallings, Kaleb Grunhuvd, Aden Gilchrist and Ledoux Rauch

Description / Inspiration: Our artwork is an acrylic painted mural about the community of Butte. We focused on the historical "M" hill, which is a prominent feature in our town. We used this letter to incorporate the M in Meth and the M in Montana. We also have depicted a gallows frame in the scene known for our community's rich history of mining. We topped it with a BSA custom Scout flag with our unit number. At dusk they light up with red lights. In the past parents and youth used these as a meaning for it is time to stop playing and go home. We imply these red lights be a hidden metaphor to stop using Meth. And or a red-light beacon of the dangers of Meth use, so if one is tempted to try...Not Even Once. The projects motto is painted in red to emphasize the red lights. A BSA tent is displayed to symbolize a healthy, active lifestyle of adventures that can be enjoyed in our beautiful community and state obtainable thru BSA. We were inspired to promote our values of morality which align with the project's message and encourage others to not succumb to peer pressure thru a vibrant whimsical art piece.

County: Silver Bow

Location: We temporarily have our mural at our BSA Chartered Organization First Presbyterian Church of Butte until East Middle School of Butte opens where it will be presented to the student body by the Unit and Principal and hung in the school.

Thank Yous: East Middle School of Butte Principal Miller for supporting BSA Troop 1615 as well as acknowledging the importance of this issue we all are trying to suppress by allowing us to provide a vivid mural we interpreted to be an eye-catching statement or conversation starter on the dangers of Meth use.