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Title: Live for them. Meth Free
Artist(s): Autumn White
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Artist(s): Autumn White

Description / Inspiration: My art work describes how way back in the 1900s the native Americans source of food was going extinct, the bison/ buffalo. The cause of that was the ‘other people’ besides the Natives wanted to get rid of them. Millions of Buffalo were killed, for their fur and to get rid of the Native Americans. I come from the Crow Tribe, my ancestors went through that. So for my whole tribe I wanted to put the words ‘Live For Them. METH FREE.’ Because that is a big battle we are fighting against. That’s not our way of life.

The materials I used were; 2 Canvas tipi doors to draw on, Acrylic paints, permanent marker for out lines, & paint brushes.

What inspired me to do this art work was I remembered the stories my elders always told me about how important the Buffalo were to the Native Americans. We used every bone for our everyday lives, the fur for bedding, clothing, and to make up our Tipis. The bones for tools and basically dishes. Also live for my ancestors, because they fought hard to still be a tribe and keep the tribe alive even when they were long gone. So I would hope that this painting will open the reservation’s eyes to stop using meth, live for your ancestors and the sacred buffalo and to make something of yourself, make your ancestors proud of you. Represent your tribe.

County: Big Horn

Location: North Mondel AVE. South side of rd. On bill board.

Thank Yous: I would like to thank my grandmother, who is also doing a painting, she asked me to do this with her and here we are doing it.