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Title: Meth is a Deadly Dance
Artist(s): Custer County District High School Artists
DIVISION: Teen - Southeast Montana
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Affiliation: Custer Co District High

Team Leader: DeeAnn Sutter

Artist(s): Dominique Sutter, Joani Powell, Iris Gard, Carley Dishon, Riley Jones, Sunny Sampson

Description / Inspiration: Our piece pairs two dancers together sashaying across the horizon under a full moon. The woman, in a long flowing western dress represents innocence and life. Her dancing partner represents the evil of meth, and he is willing to cause harm, ruin lives, and possibly cause death to the other. The meth figure, dressed in black, is expressed as a horned demon, ready to stab his partner with a golden fork spelling the word METH in a gothic form.

The piece is cut from OSB sheathing, has re-purposed 2x4 framing on the back, and is primed and painted on all sides with low VOC paints. It features LED flexible neon lighting, white to outline the moon and to provide backlighting, and red to illuminate the demon’s tail and horns. The LED lighting is low voltage, draws very little power, and is controlled by a photocell and timer to come on at dusk, and shut off in a preset time or at dawn.

The artwork is of large scale and draws attention in its location, as the sky grows dark the piece takes on a different character and the illumination is striking.

County: Custer

Location: The installation is located adjacent to the I-94 Business route, State Highway 10/12, and Main Street in Miles City. It is within blocks of the new Custer County Event Center, the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds, the Region 7 Headquarters for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, The Bureau of Land Management, The Range Riders Museum, and the WaterWorks Art Museum. It will be viewed by a wide variety of people headed to those destinations and to Miles City. View on map

Thank Yous: Thank yu to the Montana Meth Project.

The piece is located on private property and the space and power has graciously been provided to us by its owner who would prefer to remain anonymous; thank you to her as well.