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Title: Spread Your Wings and Fly
Artist(s): Casandra Lamas
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Casandra Lamas

Description / Inspiration: This 20x15 ft vibrant mural is an illustration of an interactive blue butterfly that encompasses various positive goals/aspirations that are much more meaningful to pursue to live a happy and healthy life! This mural is the only Not Even Once painting within the boundaries of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, home to the Chippewa and Cree Tribe. The Cree words “Nah-wah-so-nah Pi-mah-ti-si-win (Nawasona Pimatisiwin)” means “Choose Life.” Painted within the two lower wings on the women’s fancy dancer and mountains are Chief Rocky Boy’s message “love one another and help one another.” On both sides of the butterfly is a floral pattern and juneberries with the significance of the beautiful aroma and medicinal qualities that can shift a person’s mood to a positive one.

My inspiration was to paint an optimistic colorful eye-catching mural that would encourage not only a visual positive experience but a sense of hope and community engagement with the interactive butterfly. As a teen, it has been a vision of mine to paint for the state since 2010. For the opportunity to emerge this year in the adult category, I hope that it inspires our youth that its never to late to Spread Their Wings and Fly! But also, that they can live drug free as they fly towards those dreams! My hope is that this mural ignites a ripple effect of other amazing positive murals to come! But most importantly, bringing perception to each generation that we can support each other to live drug free, and that living drug free is a beautiful thing!

This painting was done with exterior acrylic paints.

County: Hill

Location: Rocky Boy’s Reservation Agency Square on old gas station building.

Thank Yous: A special thank you to Sherwin Williams in Havre for the donation of all the paint. To the elderly ladies with the Gen-I program at the school for translation of words. The owner of the building for allowing me permission to paint. Thank you to my parents for donating the other supplies and my partner for helping scrub the building, prime and mowing the lawn to reach this building.