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Title: Don’t Fall For Meth
Artist(s): Melisa Trombley
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Melisa Trombley

Description / Inspiration: I painted a native man struggling with his addiction and truly wanting to get sober but the addiction is weighing him down. I use 2 pieces of plywood 8x4 ft each side by side 8x8 ft, I used red, black, purple acrylic indoor/outdoor paint and a turquoise spray paint. I sealed it with clear sealant.

County: Glacier

Location: On a Fence on 109 hwy 89 west Browning MT 59417 right past the high school. View on map

Thank Yous: I’d like to thank my mom Victoria Augare for letting me use her home as a workspace and all the support she provides me. I’d like to thank my cousin Karyn-Anne Augare for letting me use her property for my mural and also her tools, my niece Cassidy Lopez and her her boyfriend Sundance for helping me put it up. My Sister Maria and niece Xianghua for rooting for me and building me up.