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Title: It’s worse than the water
Artist(s): Sarah Bartsch
DIVISION: Adult - Statewide
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Artist(s): Sarah Bartsch

Description / Inspiration: It is a representation of the effects meth does to the brain. It’s like putting a torch to your head and getting laughed at because lack of not having any brain cells. The meth pipe is damaging the angel's central nervous system. I would like to get more further in depth of every part of this painting, I would just need more time. I hope to promote anti-bullying and choices, and affects. The other painting was supposed to be funny and reads a different aspect of thought. It says not even one (shot. needle) with a snake hissing that represents the s on the sound of ONCE. The snake represents the Bible and the forbidden fruit. “It’s worse than the water” represents the danger of Butte pit water and how it’s harmful and can cause many different illnesses. Meth does the same thing and is definitely worse than the water. This contest means a lot to me because I am a product of the effects. Life has been hard due to my choice- that first time changed everything.

County: Silver Bow

Location: 2101 Grand Ave. Butte, MT View on map

Thank Yous: Everyone