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Title: Public Service ARTnouncement
Artist(s): Frazier High School Artists
DIVISION: Teen - Missouri River Country
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Affiliation: Frazer High School

Team Leader: Teresa Heil

Artist(s): Kalianna Blount, Angel Nelligan, Christopher Fox and Baily Beston

Description / Inspiration: Frazer School’s team painted our little part of the state on the local grain elevator in two creative distinct phases. During phase one, we worked on a giant graffiti style installation with our own original community outreach message. Our team successfully depicted a massive public artwork with a bold, courageous and timely anti-meth message. During phase two, we went back on site and added more meth prevention messages in order to bring context to the viewers. We created a fierce Bearcub head (our school’s mascot), and then added the Montana Meth Project name and tagline of “Not Even Once”. We also include the state shape of Montana. We tried to keep the color scheme consistent to pull the two phases of the project together into one cohesive piece. The materials used were primer, Montana Cans spray paint, acrylic markers, stencils, tape, sharpies, gloves, scissors, cardboard, and varnish. We were inspired to capture the entire spirit of the Paint the State contest through securing an interesting location, scaling the piece to monumental size, making it clearly visible to the public, and challenges ourselves with a new process. Frazer School’s team hopes to use public art as a message to stop Methamphetamine from destroying lives and families in our community.

County: Valley

Location: Grain Elevator on Montana HWY 2, Frazer View on map

Thank Yous: Ryan Fast, Fast Farms
Nyah DeRyke, Canku Project, Fort Peck Community College
Paula Ciniero, Fort Peck Health Promotion Disease Prevention
Frazer Public Schools